"... Pasciuti's research is on the "rendering" of the subject from the point of view of the painter, who discovers alchemy, rather than the processes in progress, and with the complicity of natural phenomena he perceives the elements and expertly creates his own A pictorial "subject" rather than an ideological one, substantiating it with the texture of the selected canvases, he squeezes the colors with "wise" care, to obtain the maximum yield."

Dino del Vecchio - Venice

"... it goes without saying that in Pasciuti's painting it is the modern tonalism that prevails, the one that makes the painting valid for what it represents in terms of lights, colors and signs and not for what it represents, even if this figuration is a grateful image, reducible to the most suggestive ones of our present or of our crepuscular memory. A sensitive and cultured artist, Pasciuti makes his art an alternative instrument or a poetic escape, as it was once said, from a reality of artificial lights and harmonies and opposes his unreal "beauty" to the cold, ruthless and metallic reality of civilization. of glass blocks."

Franco Solmi - Bologna

"... son of modern tonalism, this Campania transplanted very young in Puglia and remained faithful to it (except today an oscillating love for Tuscany too), is a great post-impressionist who portrays above all the truth of "his" Puglia, but as if transfigured into a fabulous sweetness, in a kaleidoscopic magic that make his painting unique …"

Pier Francesco Listri - Florence

"There are paintings that emanate a mysterious beauty that is frightening and upsetting."

Luciano Caprile - Genova

"... Pasciuti's painting is an expression worthy of being read to the end, beyond that diaphragm, beyond the identification of the subject, to decode its message and enjoy its secret harmonies that are far more satisfying than the external and superficial ones..."

Tommaso Paloscia - Florence

"...Antonio Pasciuti does not deny himself and under no circumstances betrays a lyrical vocation that must transcend reality to reach desire and restore it to the amazement of the people ... we must thank the artists like Antonio Pasciuti who help us to keep the ability alive of ecstasy."

Pier Francesco Listri - Florence

"Harmony and scientific rigor in the chromatism of Antonio Pasciuti's painting ... Pasciuti's painting, centered on moods, on contemplation and on the exaltation of harmonic chromatism; it is represented in a way that is not taken for granted and not artificially sweetened, but with a break with academic schemes. ... the most important data, however, is that the artist penetrates and perceives the almost metaphysical complexity of color, of which he captures not only the optical-cerebral relationship, but also the mysterious, intimate and almost magical one. ... however, in every well-fed work he always manages to demonstrate that pictorial art is one of the most beautiful and persuasive languages of man."

Giuseppe Canta - Pescara

"... starting from an impressionist taste, Pasciuti's palette explodes in a phantasmagoria of colors that expresses an enchanted sense of life."

Giuseppe Canta - Pescara

"If you particularly like a canvas and others don't, don't take it too much because you could be the one to make mistakes."

Raffaele Nigro - Bari